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Does your restaurant carry out take away and delivery?

We have the tailor-made solution for you.

A new dedicated suite to manage orders, take away and delivery for small, medium and big restaurants

  • Customizable
  • Powerful digital marketing tool;
  • With a detailed interface for managing accounts, employees, riders, and obviously menù and foodstuffs.

Increase the chance of convert a satisfied customer into a loyal customer!

Freed yourself from the giants of the sector whose operating costs have now become unsustainable, especially for those accustomed to large sales volumes.


Through the Delivery App it’s possible to manage orders and delivery phases

Manage orders and customer relationships, before, during and after the purchase. Create campaigns, banners, coupons and send push notifications

Receive electronic or cash on-delivery payments. The system is equipped with a series of integrated payment gateways

Using the “Accounts” section you can control the earnings of restaurants and delivery boys, process withdrawals, manage cash on delivery payment.

Globalfood, a single App for all your restaurants

Among the features that make the Globalfood a unique solution is the ability to manage multiple selling points of a restaurant chain with a single application, an undoubted convenience but above all a considerable saving of time and resources!

Resource Kit

Let’s work together to create your restaurant Customized App

Android e iOS

Once the project is finished, what can we guarantee?

Training, updating, assistance, management and maintenance.

Do you want to schedule a technical demo with one of our expert?